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Dark Ales

Enjoy a robust Dark Ale
Enjoy a robust Dark Ale

Dark ales can vary in complexity and taste quite a lot. Generally produced using Ale malt as the base and an ale yeast. There colour can vary from rich red through to dark brown, depending on the mix of specialty grains selected, and from clear to cloudy depending on the yeast type used.

They predominantly have a malty finish with the hops imparting a moderate level of bitterness and fruity aromas.

Dark ales from Monkey Pig Brewery
Dark Ales from Monkey Pig Brewery

Our examples are: Smokey Red Ale – a malty and slightly smoky aroma with honey and bacon flavours in the background, ruby red in colour with a clear finish

Capricorn Dark Ale – Easy drinking session ale with a luscious malty flavour, moderate hopping, dark brown colour and a cloudy finish