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India Pale Ales (IPA)

India Pale Ales
Exotic tastes of India Pale Ales

India Pale Ales (IPAs), are a popular ale style & are often the staple of any micro-breweries menu. They get their characteristic flavour and aroma from the large amounts of hops used to make them. They have moderate to high bitterness and a big range of alcohol levels.

They are produced using top fermenting ale yeasts which impart a fuller, more rounded flavour providing fruity aromas. The colour can range from light ales to dark gold/red hues. There is even the occasional dark IPA. Check out the craft beer section at your bottle shop & you’ll soon spot an IPA or 20.

India Pale Ales
India Pale Ales from Monkey Pig Brewery

Our version of IPA is our ‘Dusty Red’. It isn’t as bitter as many of our competitors beers because we have used a red rye malt to make it. The rye has added a peppery/ spicy note which enhances the bitterness from the hops & made it slightly cloudy/ dusty.