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Beer infusions - Enjoy the hint of evocative flavours

There are many weird & wacky ways to infuse beer including sitting the beer on raw fruit for a couple of weeks, to making a ‘tea’ or brew (coffee) & adding it to your beer as it ferments. All brewers keep their infusion methods secret & we are no exception!

Some commercial examples of fruit flavoured beers are Matso’s Mango Beer & lime infused beers like Nomad Brewing- Finger Lime IPA, MillerChill with Lime & Corona- Lime Infused. The problem most brewers have is the flavour can overpower the beer so you end up with an alcoholic soft drink with a beer after taste or the reverse where the beer swamps the fruit flavour note. There are also times where beer should NEVER be infused with another flavour- like mussels!

Beer Infusions from Monkey Pig Brewery
Beer Infusions from Monkey Pig Brewery

Infusing beer is a balance. We use low sugar/ no sugar juices, cordials & essences so that our infusions do not taste like soft drinks & make sure that the infusion adds to the beer or floats over it so you can still taste our fabulous beers.

Examples of our infusions are our Mango Beer, Pina-Colada Ale, Gingered Beer, VFH Chilli beer & Caramel Dark Ale.