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Pale Ales

Divided into two types – American Pale Ales and Australian Pale ales.

Subtle flavour of the Pale Ale
Indulge in the subtle flavour of the Pale Ale

Australian pale ales are generally a light coloured ale, clear to slightly cloudy, clean tasting, easy drinking and produced using ale yeast. The malt is more noticeable on the palate, with a sweeter finish than a lager. Bitterness is moderate, hop flavour can vary but is generally moderate with citrusy aromas.

American pale ales are on hop steroids and have a very pronounced hoppy taste and aroma

Pale Ales from Monkey Pig Brewery
Pale Ales from Monkey Pig Brewery

Examples of Common brands of pale ale include James Squire One Fifty lashes and Cascade Pale Ale, which are malty, medium-bodied and easy to drink.

Our Aussie Pale Ale, is one of our more popular beers. Made using Australian hops, it has a mild citrus aroma, a golden colour & a clean finish.